Swiss Bankers Association

The Swiss Bankers Association, short- SBA (French Association suisse of bankers ( ASB), Italian Associazione Svizzera dei Banchieri ( AsDB ), Romansh Associaziun svizra dals banchiers ( AsDB ), English, Swiss Bankers Association ( SBA) ) is the umbrella organization of the Swiss banks and other credit institutions and thus of the entire Swiss financial center. Its membership includes nearly 355 member institutions and approximately 16,800 individual members.

The SBA was founded in 1912 in Basel.


Chairman of the Board since September 2009 Patrick Odier, Senior Partner of the private bank Lombard Odier & Cie Banque. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer since September Claude -Alain Margelisch.

Seat and office of the SBA are located in Basel. The office employs 60 people. In a total of 11 committees and their working groups, the key issues are handled. In these bodies 583 representatives of various banking groups and the specialists from the SBA.

Each year, the Swiss Bankers Day, the General Assembly of the SBA takes place.


The SBA defines itself as representing the interests of banks to government agencies and to promote the worldwide image of Switzerland as a financial center and engage in a dialogue with a critical national and international public. It organizes the self in consultation with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and promotes education and information for the bank employees and advises its members.

Community by the Swiss banks

Exist to supply the staff of the Swiss banking industry bodies to which the SBA is involved:

  • Compensation fund for the Swiss banking industry
  • FAK banks