Swiss Cycling

Swiss Cycling (SC) is the association for cyclists in Switzerland. It has its headquarters in Grenchen, is divided into 24 cantonal associations and has about 17 000 members. " Swiss Cycling " is a member of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI ), the Union Européenne de Cyclisme ( UEC ) and the Swiss Olympic Association.


The Cycling Federation was founded in 1883 as the " Swiss Association Velozipedisten " in Brugg in Biel. 1908, the Association renamed " Swiss Bicycle Federation " (SRB ) and included in the UCI 1913. 1923 procured the Swiss Association receiving the German Cycling Federation German Cycling Federation in the UCI, from which he was expelled after World War II. 1929 was called the association " Swiss cycling, motor- driver - collar " around and organized under this name in 1933 for the 50th anniversary of the first Tour de Suisse. In 1940, the first women members until 1966, however, "officially". 1967, the first full-time coach is set with Oscar Plattner. 1994 merged with the Association of the "Union Cycliste Suisse " (UCS ), the Cycling Federation of French-speaking Switzerland, who organized the Tour de Romandie.

1999 escaped the association with a debt mountain of nearly three million francs almost bankrupt, the number of members of 45 000 members in 1994 had fallen to 24 000. The entrepreneur Fritz Boesch, who was elected in May 2000 as President, redeveloped and modernized the dressing, which was renamed " Swiss Cycling ". As of 2005, the former President of the Swiss Farmers' Association and former National Melchior Ehrler was president of the Cycling Federation, who continue to struggle with large financial problems. In March 2012, Ehrler resigned from the presidency to switch to the board. As the new President of the Swiss Cycling former racing driver Richard Chassot was elected, who acts as director of the Tour de Romandie as well as a television commentator since 2007.

2012 Association had 16,000 members, of which 2,800 are women. Since May 1, 2013, the Association is based in the Velodrome in Grenchen Suisse.

In August 2013 Chassot resigned with immediate effect by the Office of the President, after it had come to inconsistencies in the association because of the re- nomination Pat McQuaids President of the International Cycling Union Union Cycliste Internationale. After Swiss Cycling initially proposed his candidacy, this nomination was withdrawn by the Bureau against the will of Chassot again apparently. The duties of the President were taken over by the Vice - President Franz Gallati.

Prior to the Board elections on March 22, 2014 it was announced that Swiss Cycling in 2013 a surplus of 778,000 -. Could generate Swiss francs. So that the Association is free of debt.

Cantonal associations

As of 2011, 24 cantonal associations collective member of the Association of Swiss Cycling. Swiss Cycling is organized legally as an association under Swiss law and registered in the commercial register of the Canton of Bern CH- 020.6.900.418 -8 under the Swiss Cycling Federation ( SRB).

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