Swiss Hitparade

The Swiss chart is a weekly survey of the best-selling current music track in Switzerland. Currently, the hit parade of singles (Top 75) Albums ( Top 100 ) and compilations (Top 25).

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On January 2, 1968, the Swiss single charts was first published and on Swiss Radio DRS (today SRF) broadcast. At this point, you still limited to the top 10 The subtitle of the charts was in the early days and the 1970 " Best seller on the turntable ." With increasing sales and improving investigation methods the hit parade grew to 100 seats, because of the diminishing importance of the single market and significantly declining sales figures to 2010 went back to a single top -75.

Single charts places over the years

  • January 2, 1968 until March 26, 1976: Top 10
  • April 2, 1976 to October 30, 1983 Top 15
  • November 6, 1983 until January 12, 1992 Top 30
  • January 19, 1992 to December 19, 1993: Top 40 ( albums already from 13 May 1990)
  • December 26, 1993 to December 12, 1999: Top 50
  • December 19, 1999 until December 20, 2009: Top 100
  • January 3, 2010: Top 75

The album charts were in Switzerland only on November 6, 1983 about which coincided with the start of DRS 3 (now Radio SRF 3). Since that time, the Swiss hit parade was broadcast every Sunday on Radio DRS 3 and SRF 3.

The compilation charts were launched on December 25, 1983 with a top 5, now there are these charts from 40 titles.

Collection of charts and publication

The Swiss singles chart based on sales figures, comparable to the UK Top 40 and the Ö3 Austria Top 40 will be counted all sales from the Swiss record retailers and the selling downloadable files of the largest Internet portals in the country. Since the introduction of digital music sales mid-2000s whose importance has steadily increased. Since the CD singles are almost completely disappeared in Switzerland while in albums in 2010 with a share of 86 % continued to dominate the CD.

The charts in Switzerland by Media Control determines on behalf of Swiss Radio and Television ( SRF) and IFPI Switzerland. Aired it is every Sunday, 13:00 to 17:00 at Radio SRF 3 ( Singles Top 30 and first places in the album charts ), on Wednesday is before them on the internet on the website ( Singles Top 75, Top 100 albums and compilations Top 25 ) and in the free daily newspaper 20 minutes ( Top 20 singles and albums ) published.

The moderators

On January 2, 1968 Christoph Schwegler presented the first singles chart on Swiss Radio DRS. Thomas Gloor moderated on October 31, 1983, the last hit parade on DRS 1 and jasmine Kienast and Ernst Buchmüller were on 6 November 1983, the first hit parade Moderators on DRS 3 The first Swiss Charts moderator with the label "Mr. Hit Parade " was Gabriel fields. On Sunday, January 6, 2008 sent DRS 3, the " hit parade 40 years anniversary show " with Patrick Hässig as moderator and many former presenters charts (Christoph Schwegler, Gabriel Fields, Mario Torriani, Sven Epiney ) as guests. Since December 16, 2012 changed its name to Swiss Radio DRS. The company is now called SRF ( Swiss Radio and TV) and thus the official Swiss charts on the channel " Radio SRF 3» broadcast.

Deputy Moderators

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