Swissport International AG, based in Opfikon close to the Zurich airport is the world's largest service company for airlines and airports.

Swissport has approximately 40,000 employees and posted sales of 2.0 billion Swiss francs. Swissport International AG is active for approximately 650 customers in the aerospace industry. The company provides ground handling services for 118 million passengers and handles 3.5 million tons of cargo per year from - the latter are folded in over 100 warehouses. Swissport is active at 180 locations in 37 countries on five continents.


The company was founded in 1996 under the initial company name Swissair Ground Services International AG as an independent subsidiary of the former Swissair. As a result, the company expanded both through organic growth and through various acquisitions. In 2000, the company operated at 130 locations in 25 countries, including at London Heathrow Airport, where it took over the ground handling.

As part of the Swissair financial crisis Swissport was first taken over by the British private equity firm Candover and in August 2005 by the Spanish construction company Ferrovial. In the meantime, the company grew through several acquisitions to become the leading service company for airlines and airports.

2009 sold Swissport their business in Germany in the passenger area of the Aviation Handling Services. Thus Swissport Germany is only in the cargo area operate. At Munich Airport, a new station in the area of ​​ramp services was, in 2010, opened. Swissport Losch cooperates there with the company.

At the end of 2010 Ferrovial Swissport sold for 654 million euros to the French private equity firm PAI partners.


The company provides services to 192 airports in 38 countries following services:

  • Ground Handling Services: Service services at airports
  • Cargo Services: air freight
  • Maintenance Services: Maintenance of aircraft
  • Aviation Security: Airport security
  • Executive Aviation: Passenger Services
  • Fueling Services: Aircraft - fueling with kerosene