The abbreviation SWR stands for:

  • Black -white-red, the flag of the German Empire
  • Swiss arms ring, a merger of Swiss student associations
  • Boiling water reactor, a particular type of nuclear reactor,
  • Sluzhba wneschnei raswedki, the civilian Russian foreign intelligence service
  • City works in cities that begin with R, eg Radolfzell, Rottenburg, Reutlingen, inter alia,
  • Standing wave ratio, a size in the high-frequency technology
  • West German Broadcasting ( Frankfurt am Main, 1924-1934 ), see Reich Broadcasting Company
  • Southwest Broadcasting, a regional broadcaster for West Germany ( based in Stuttgart, among others, since 1998)
  • Swiss, ICAO code of the Swiss airline
  • Swissair, a former Swiss airline
  • SWR Sound Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of bass guitar amplifiers
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