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Sykkylven is a place and a municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Møre og Romsdal. The administrative center of the municipality is Sykkylven. Another great place is Ikornnes. Sykkylven is the furniture municipality of Norway, here you can find, among others, the furniture manufacturer Ekornes, Hjellgjerde and Luke Hjelle. Sykkylven has set the record for the longest sofa in the world in the summer of 2009 - a total of 860 meters long sofa was mounted on the Sykkylvsbrücke.


The community, including the Storfjord, extends from north to south 26.9 kilometers ( land only 25.5 km ) and east to west, 27.3 km ( land only 24.4 kilometers ) from. The population density is 22.8 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The highest peak is 1476 meters high Trollkyrkja, the largest body of water in the interior are 2.32 square kilometers Share of Nysætervatnet. On the territory of the municipality there is also the Velledalen.

Neighboring municipalities are Ålesund, Ørskog, Ørsta, Skodje, Stordal and Stranda.

Local buildings of interest

The Gravrøyser is a grave mounds from the Iron Age and is located at the ferry dock in Aursnes.

The Ikornnes Kapell is a built in 1978 workers in church Ikornes.

The Sykkylven Kyrkje is a built in 1990 working church made ​​of concrete in Sykkylven.

Sykkylven Naturhistorisk Museum - The Natural History Museum in Sykkylven.

The Sykkylvener Furniture Collection.

The shortest salmon river in Norway.

The Fjellseter ski area.