The final position is the last sound of a word or syllable. The silbenauslautenden consonants after a syllable peaks form the coda :; ( from the Italian for tail coda coda Also, end edge, Silbenauslaut. ) According to the group that forms the syllable coda is sometimes simply called final sound. Succession and maximum number of consonants are restricted thereby. The restriction applies to both individual languages ​​viewpoints of phonotactics and universally because of the sonority.

Components of the syllable

The coda, together with the syllable head, the left edge of the syllable shell. Syllable head, syllable nucleus and coda together result in the syllable rhyme.


  • The word crest is [m ] of the final sound.
  • In the Sil syllable of the word syllable is [ l] of the final sound.
  • The final position can be directly followed by a medial position or the initial sound: So is [n ] in the word "may" after the medial position; in "on" after the initial sound.