Sylvestre François Lacroix

Sylvestre François de Lacroix ( born April 28, 1765 in Paris, † May 24, 1843 in Paris) was a French mathematician.

Lacroix was a student of Gaspard Monge, teacher of mathematics was only in Rochefort and then in Paris. He became in 1788 professor at the artillery school in Besançon and in 1794 professor at the École normal in Paris. In 1799 he became professor of analysis at the École Polytechnique, and later (1815 ) he taught at the Sorbonne and the Collège de France. In 1821 he resigned from most offices.

The lunar crater Lacroix is named after.


  • Traité de Calcul et différentielle integral. 3 vols 1797-1800.
  • Cours de Mathématiques. 2 vols 1797-1799.