Symphony No. 2 (Mozart)

The Symphony in B flat major KV 17 was mistakenly recorded as a work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the first edition of Köchelverzeichnis and received in the Old Mozart Edition Symphony Number 2

The work, in which, for most sets only a score - design exists (that is, the score is not completely ausinstrumentiert ), but does not come from Mozart. The type of the symphony Johann Christian Bach, " then the only authoritative for Mozart ," is at least the first sentence "completely away; other "internal reasons " speak against Mozart's authorship. At most the minuet Mozart could have inserted for performance purposes, but also has not completed. " Partial KV 17 was also assigned to Leopold Mozart, but it is also doubtful.

In the third edition of Köchelverzeichnis the work is performed in the Appendix labeled "Appendix 223a " in the sixth edition with "Appendix C 11:02 ".


Two oboes, two horns in B, two violins, viola, cello, double bass. In contemporary orchestras, it was also customary to use even without separate listing bassoon and harpsichord to reinforce the bass voice.

About the Music

First movement: Allegro

B flat major, 4/4-time, 96 bars, draft version

Second set: no set name, probably Andante

E-flat major, 2/4-cycle, 62 bars, only for strings, draft version

Third movement: Menuetto

Menuetto I: B- flat major, 3/4-time, 28 cycles Menuetto II: E flat major, 3/4-time, 32 bars, draft version

Fourth sentence: Presto in B flat major, 3/8-time, 140 cycles, draft version

The symphony was recorded, for example, from the Northern Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Ward.