Syriac Christianity

The term Syrian Christians (also called Syriacs ), scientifically called Syrian Christianity, called Christians ( Syrians, Assyrians, Chaldeans and Maronites ) of the Near East, which originally read the Bible in the Syriac translation and celebrated their liturgy in Syriac ( Aramaic dialect) have and sometimes still do this today. In this language, the Syrian Christianity developed a rich Christian literature and theological profane content.

The Syrian Christians are currently among the following churches:

  • The Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch ( Westsyrischer rite )
  • The Syriac Catholic Church ( Westsyrischer rite )
  • The Syriac Maronite Church ( Westsyrischer rite )
  • The Chaldean Catholic Church ( East Syriac rite )
  • The Assyrian Church of the East ( East Syriac rite )
  • The Thomas Christians in India ( East Syriac rite partly, partly Westsyrischer rite ).

At times, the Christian- Palestinian- Aramaic or Syriac used in addition to the Greek and the Chalcedonian Christians of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and Antioch, later largely replaced by Arabic.

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