Syrianska FC

Syrianska Fotbollsclub is a Swedish football club based in Södertälje. At the end of the second division season 2010 the team was relegated for the first time in club history on in the Allsvenskan.


Syrianska FC was founded in 1977 under the name of Aramaic Syriac immigrants. The team took on the game mode in the siebtklassigen Division 7 Östra. Six years later, the rise of the fifth rate rise in Division succeeded in the Sechstklassigkeit, two years later 5

1986 changed the club 's name and adopted the current name. After a league reform the division was 5 downgraded and the club found itself once again in the sixth game level again. Just a year later managed to return in the fifth highest league, from the club in 1990 rose to the fourth-rate Division 3. With 15 wins from 22 games managed in the following season, the direct walkover into the third division. In Division 2 Östra Svealand the team played mainly against relegation, which could not be avoided in 1995.

After descending to Syrianska set the goal to be commenced in 2001 in the second division. 1999 managed to return to the third tier, where the team played along directly to the rise, but at the end of the season 14 points behind had to the season winner BK Forward. 2001 came again to the duel with the club from Örebro, the Syrianska this time with two points could decide ahead of its own. In the promotion round the team failed with two defeats at Åtvidabergs FF and had to change the objective.

Only in 2005 Syrianska could intervene in the title fight for the Season Championship again. In a tight contest, the club continued with three points ahead of fifth-placed IK Sleipner only thanks to the more goals scored against the point - and torverhältnisgleichen Vasalund / Essinge IF through and qualified for the promotion round. After a 0-2 home friendly defeat a 2-1 away win against Qviding FIF was too little and that meant new failure in the relegation round. However, with the season victory after qualifying for the newly introduced third-tier Division 1 in the 2008 season the team dominated with only one defeat this season, the league and promotion to the Superettan. There, placed immediately in the front, she sat down in the 2010 season against IFK Norrköping as second division champions and rose by as 61 team in the history of the Allsvenskan in the first division.

The 2011 season concluded with Syrianska from 14th place to qualify for relegation. Counter Ängelholms FF, the third party of the second division, succeeded after a 1:2 first-leg deficit with a 3-1 home victory in a thrilling game of the league, to 92 minutes it had been 2-1.

At the end of the following season in 2012, the club finished 13th, which meant relegation. This was secured on the final day with a 3-0 victory against Kalmar FF.

Known (former) players (selection)

Some players from the youth of the club secured a place in the Allsvenskan or other European professional leagues, others were committed.