The abbreviation stands for SZ

  • Collection civil matters, collection civil law rulings in Austria ( the Supreme Court )
  • Acid number, in the Chemistry
  • Indicator, Communication Technology
  • School newspaper, unofficially
  • The Canton of Schwyz in Switzerland
  • Searle -Zinn, see SZ model
  • Being and Time, the main work of the early philosophy of Martin Heidegger
  • Summer time, common abbreviation regardless of the time zone
  • Lactation, medicine
  • Strana zelených, various Green parties
  • Swaziland, the country code according to ISO 3166
  • Szollosy directory Music Opus of compositions by Béla Bartók
  • Abbreviated journal of the Savigny Foundation for Legal History, mostly zrg
  • Slaves headquarters, the largest German -language forum BDSM

SZ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Salzgitter
  • Northern Ireland: County Down
  • Norway: Bergen in the province of Hordaland
  • Austria: Schwaz district
  • Poland: county-level city of Zabrze
  • Switzerland: Canton of Schwyz

Daily newspapers:

In national frame of reference, the Süddeutsche Zeitung is meant. In certain regions of SZ is also used for other newspapers:

  • Saarbrücken newspaper
  • Saxon newspaper
  • Swabian newspaper
  • Segeberger newspaper
  • Siegen newspaper
  • From a newspaper, now usually called SZ / BZ

The abbreviation stands for SŪ

  • Slovenske železnice, Slovenian State Railways

Sz is:

  • ß sharp S or sharp s, a letter of the German alphabet
  • A digraph of the Hungarian, read as the German " ß ", see Hungarian language
  • A digraph in Polish, read as the German " sch ", see Polish Language
  • . sz, the country code top -level domain of Swaziland

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