Szabolcs (Name)

Szabolcs [ sɒbolʧ ] is a Hungarian male first name. As can be determined from the sound structure and by comparison with other Hungarian names and their etymology that the name is Turkic origin, its meaning ( and etymology ) is not known. The name was a Hungarian chieftain around ( 900 ), who also gave its name to the county and the town (original settlement area of his clan ). The name succeeded in the 19th century at the time of the national romanticism to popularity (similar Germanic names ( as Siegfried, Gudrun, etc. ) in the German -speaking area ), since he is in Hungary again quite popular and widespread.

Short forms

In Hungary, abbreviated, informal forms of the name in the family use are very common. Such short forms for Szabolcs are about: Szabi, Szabcsi, Szabika, Szab, Szabka, Bolcsi

Well-known bearers of the name

  • Szabolcs Huszti ( b. 1983 ), the Hungarian national football team
  • Szabolcs Sáfár (* 1974), Austro- Hungarian football player
  • Szabolcs de Vajay (1920-2010), Hungarian Herald and genealogist
  • Szabolcs Zempléni ( born 1981 ), Hungarian horn


  • Szabolcs- Szatmár- Bereg county in northeastern Hungary
  • Szabolcs, place in the Hungarian Komitata Szabolcs -Szatmár -Bereg with 431 inhabitants
  • Pusztaszabolcs, place in Fejér county
  • Male first name