Szadzko ( German Pomerania ) is a village in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. The village is part of the gmina Dobrzany ( urban and rural community Jacobshagen ) in the powiat Stargardzki ( Stargarder circle). After lying in the village of castle ruins Saatzig the existing district of Pomerania until 1945 led his name.

Geographical location

The village is located in Eastern Pomerania, about 55 kilometers east of Stettin, on the southwestern shore of Jezioro Szadzko ( Saatziger lake ). The nearest neighbor sites are the city Dobrzany (Jacob Hagen) in the north- east, on the opposite side of the lake, and the village Odargowo ( Wudarge ) in the west.

At the south end of the lake the Pęzinka ( Stolen Ihna ) along flows to the west, south to the village.


The history of the village stood a long time in the shadow of the castle of Pomerania. The castle was first mentioned in 1336. She was a border fortress of the Duchy of Pomerania against the Mark Brandenburg and Poland, which the family possessed from Stegelitz fief. Elector Albrecht Achilles of Brandenburg invaded the castle and destroyed it in 1478, but it was soon rebuilt.

After the extinction of the family of Stegelitz the Pomeranian Duke Bogislaw X gave the castle in 1484 by Heinrich Rudolf Borcke fief, it was back in 1498 and was the 1499 Joachim von Dewitz. But soon after that she came back into the possession of the Duke and then remained in the possession of the lords. At the castle of Pomerania was the castle court Pomerania, Brandenburg made ​​by initially that remained even after the acquisition of East Pomerania, and is called in the regiment Constitution of 1654. The Office of Pomerania, the seat of the district captain was moved in 1728 from the castle of Pomerania after Ravenstein. From the castle of Pomerania Pomerania got its name, which he led until 1945, although the landrätliche office was in the city of Stargard in Pomerania long time.

In Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann's detail description of the current state of the Royal Prussian Duchy pros and Pomerania (1784 ) is Sazig as a village of 42 households ( " fires " ), including nine farmers listed. He describes the castle as yet " of a considerable size ," but " expire so that it can no longer be inhabited ." The ruins were used for quarrying for reconstruction of the city in 1781 after a fire in adjacent Jacobshagen.

Prior to 1945, Pomerania formed a rural community in Pomerania in the Prussian province of Pomerania.

In 1945, the village, as the whole Pomerania, to Poland. The village received the Polish place names Szadzko. Instead of the displaced population is settled in Poland.

Development of population figures


  • Castle ruins of Pomerania, in the grassy area north of the village
  • Village church, built in 1600 of brick and fieldstone
  • Castle Wall, east of the village on the south end of the lake