SZD-36 Cobra 15

PZL Bielsko SZD- In the 36 Cobra is a single-seat high performance glider, which was used mainly for training and competition in the 15- m- class standard. The high-wing is made of wood material and partly of plastics. The "Cobra" has a retractable main wheel, which is rotated on an axis being at their direction of flight in the fuselage. The landing gear bay is closed by a one-piece GFP part, the part enters in the landing gear into the fuselage. The retractable undercarriage of Cobra tends to recoil of the landing gear into the fuselage.


The first flight took place on 31 December 1969, there were 290 aircraft produced.

The abbreviation SZD ( Szybowcowy Zakad Doświadczalny ) means " Glider development work".