SZD-45 Ogar

The PZL Bielsko SZD -45 Ogar ( German hunting dog ) is a two-seat motor glider produced in Poland. It is a two-seat side- by-side high-wing monoplane in pusher configuration. The chassis consists of a central main wheel, each with a wheel under the wing tips and a Tailwheel under the T-tail. The aircraft can be used for training and as a touring glider with motor support.


The SZD -45 made ​​its maiden flight on 29 May 1973. Initially, a 33.5 kW Stamo engine was provided later a Limbach SL 1700 EC with 50.7 kW is used, which drives a propeller Hoffmann. By 1979, 59 aircraft have already been sold. When GST GDR flew 14 copies of Ogar from 1976.