SZD-51 Junior

The SZD -51 -1 " Junior" is a single-seat glider in GRP construction. The aircraft has a two-piece wing with a spar. The Störplatten ( brakes ) are arranged only on the upper side of the wing. The hull has a load-bearing steel pipe scaffold in the middle part. Rudder pedals are adjustable, and backrest. The antenna is fitted as standard in the vertical tail fin. Only the rudder is covered with fabric. The control for the rudder via ropes, all other control surfaces are operated via linkage. For the set-up and teardown only two persons are four, with the use of props required. The junior is often used after the first solo flights on the two-seater for the Einsitzerschulung. It is characterized by good low speed characteristics and is very good-natured in flight behavior. For the first line flights or for entry-level competitions, he is therefore well suited. The aircraft is certified for aerobatics and can be equipped for high altitude flights and clouds.


In the years 1973-1974 in Osrodek Badawczo - Rozwojowy arose ( Zentrum f research and development) in Bielsko- Biała, the project SZD- 47 " club" that does not also came on the stage of development. 1979 attacked the designer Stanislaw Zientek this concept again and developed from the SZD -51 -0. Its first flight took place on 31 December 1980. In the series the hull was modified. A total of 255 were built, of which 153 are for export. In Brazil, the SZD -51 -1 " Junior" in license will be built