SZD-9 Bocian

PZL Bielsko SZD- In 19-2 Zefir 2 is a single-seat high- performance sailplane of the Polish company Szybowcowy Zakad Doświadczalny.

The high-wing is made largely of wood and modeled the hull shape to that of the SZD -24. Head of Development Bogumil Szuba provided the Zefir 2 with hydraulically driven Fowler flaps, but not equipped them with airbrakes what you indeed good flight characteristics, but brought in a problematic landing behavior, which is also the existing brake chute could not compensate. The Zefir 2 had their debut at the World Championships 1960 in Butzweilerhof, where she reached a 1st and 2nd place a 2nd and 3rd place and at the 1963 World Cup. A total of 23 examples were built 1960-1964. The actual prototype SZD- 19x Zefir 1 was planned for the World Championships in Leszno in 1958 and had its first flight 31 December 1958. However, only one copy ( series name Zefir -2A ) It was built and later the production version Zefir -2 significantly modified. Thus, the vertical stabilizer was redesigned, replacing the aileron against one-piece gapless and modified the flaps.