Szkieletor is popularly known the name for a boondoggle in Krakow. Should - ( "NOT skyscraper " or " office building " therefore also referred to occasionally even as Wieżowiec NOT or Biurowiec NOT) be It is a 92 meters ( 24 floors ) high and unfinished high-rise building, which was originally the headquarters of the Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna. With the construction of the designed by the architects Zdzislaw Arct and Krzysztof Lesnodorski house was begun in 1975. In 1979, the construction works were, however, adjusted on the basis of economic and financial problems. The tower is located near the Rondo Mogilskie and the Cracow University of Economics. It is still the second highest building of the city, visible from afar, and is therefore often used as advertising space.

His nickname Szkieletor received reminiscent of a skeleton of the figure Bauruine Skeletor from popular in the 1980s comic book series Masters of the Universe.

Planned use

In the 1980s, the idea arose to complete the unfinished building as a residence to counteract the shortage of housing, but this was not realized. In the 1990s, interested a hotel chain for the house, but because of the unresolved ownership it was not for sale. 2004 planned a British investor to blow up the unfinished building and in its place erect two lower apartment houses. Finally, in 2005 sold the previous owner " Węglozbyt " the building for 30 million zloty, which was founded specifically for this purpose companies Treimorfa Project sp. z oo, whose majority owner of the Verity Development sp. z o.o. is. As a result, plans were announced to increase the building from the current 92 to 130 meters in height. In contrast, however, encouraged resistance of the conservation authorities. Finally they agreed to a height of 102.5 meters. The finished building will include apartments, a hotel and office space, at the head of a gallery or coffee shop to be set up. In addition to lower around the main building, 25 meters high building arise.