Szolnoki Olaj KK

2011/12: 1st place

Szolnoki Olaj Kosárlabda Club ( German Szolnok oil Basketball Association ) is a Hungarian basketball club from Szolnok in the Puszta. The club was founded in 1959 as Alfoldi Olajbányász of workers in oil production. Since 1988 is the club name Szolnoki Olajbányász or Szolnoki Olaj.


Alfoldi Olaj first played in the 1980 class in the national championship. 1989 managed to rise again as Szolnoki Olaj and in the second season they won the Hungarian Cup for the first time. In 1993, the runner-up and was reached from 1993 to 1995 three times the national cup final. Subsequently, further successes were made ​​initially. After a runner-up in 2000, won in 2002 for the first time the national cup. After another dry spell followed in 2007 for the first time a domestic double, which then could be repeated in 2011 and 2012. In the season 2010/11 also could be successfully qualify for the European club competition Euro Challenge, a year marched the team, led by the Hungarian national team Obie Trotter and Márton Báder, the Bulgarian national team Christo Nikolov and the Americans Brandon Gay, even surprisingly into the Final Four tournament this competition. As the host of this final tournament you joined the Fönix Hall 130 km away in Debrecen. The semi-finals but they lost against the favored team of Beşiktaş Milangaz.