Szubin ( German Shubin, 1941-1945 Altburgund ) is a small town in Poland. It is located about 20 km west of Bydgoszcz in the powiat Nakielski. Szubin is the seat of city and rural community. In the town of about 9,300 people live in the town of about 22,800. By Shubin flow two small rivers, Gąsawka and the smaller Biała Struga.


Shubin was first mentioned in 1365 and received a city charter in 1458. After the First Partition of Poland in 1772 the town belonged to Prussia. In 1780, the foundation of a new city, next to the old town was. With the establishment of the Duchy of Warsaw Szubin was allocated in 1807 and this was 1815 again to Prussia. From 1818 to 1920, the city was the seat of the homonymous district Shubin and in 1920 after the Treaty of Versailles re- polish. Shubin, as well as the county ( powiat Szubiński ) belonged from 1920 to March 31, 1938 to the Province Posen, and came as part of a regional reorganization on 1 April 1938, the then United Province of Pomerania.


For urban and rural community Szubin consists of the villages:

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Moses Mielziner (1828-1903), rabbi
  • Friedrich- Wilhelm von Chappuis (1886-1942), German general of infantry in World War II
  • Arno Manthey (1888-1941), politician ( NSDAP) and SA -Obergruppenführer