T-43 tank

T-43 with the 76.2 mm gun

The T -43 was a prototype of a medium battle tank of the Red Army from 1942 / 43rd


The T -43 was designed and developed as a successor to the T -34. He should combine the advantages of the T-34 and eliminate the drawbacks. Therefore, initially the gun turret was enlarged and reinforced armor. The tower front armor was 90 mm, the front plate was 75 mm thick. To save space, also the fuel supply was reduced and reduced width of the chain, so that they no longer towered over the covers.

All efforts to make the T-43 mobile, however, failed because it was still 6 tons heavier than a T-34 Mod.1942. The higher weight and the reduced chains made ​​sure that the T-43 in its maneuverability and speed of the T-34 was inferior and therefore never got beyond the prototype stage. Two prototypes were made ​​, the first with the 76.2 mm gun F -34, the second with the 85- mm gun SiS S -53 in a new tower. The second prototype was again harder than the first. After tests in Kubinka was decided the T- 43 is not to mass. The newly developed tower was used in the T- 34-85. The experience gained from the construction of the T-43 were incorporated into the development of the T-44.