T-bone steak

The Porterhouse steak, as well as the T -bone steak, cut with tenderloin and bones from the roast beef flat. The two very similar blanks differ mainly in size and thickness of the fillet portion. When Porterhouse steak is a thickness of about 6 cm and a weight of about 700-1000 g usual. The name "T -bone steak " followed by the English name of the T-shaped bone; Here, a thickness of about 4 cm and a weight of about 600 g is usual. The name " Porterhouse steak" is derived from the name of British and American inns where the beer Porter was served. According to other sources, he is returned to the Americans Zachariah B. Porter.

Since bovine vertebral column on suspicion, by the contained spinal cord can BSE be transmitted had to be withdrawn from the market, were T -bone steaks and porterhouse steaks in the EU from 2002 to 2005 not available.

The steak is usually grilled or fried. It comes because of the small proportion of connective tissue with relatively short cooking times.