T-Online is an Internet portal that innovation belongs to Deutsche Telekom AG for Business Products &. According to Nielsen NetRatings, it represents one of the most far-reaching web appearances in the German Internet

The T -Online International AG from 2000 until the end of 2006, a publicly traded corporation in the Deutsche Telekom. In 2006, she was merged with the parent company, while the products were integrated into the former division T -Com, Deutsche Telekom; 2007 to 2010 they were sold under the brand T -Home, but is now also in this brand disappeared from the market and the products of the former divisions, T-Mobile and T-Home are sold from one source under the Telekom brand. T-Online as an Internet portal was transferred Innovation in the Business Unit Products &.

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  • T-Online was around 14.03 million, of which 5.09 million DSL customers (as of January 2006) and a turnover of around EUR 1.81 billion in fiscal year 2005, the largest European Internet service providers.
  • The company was founded in September 1995 employed 3322 employees, including 2217 in Germany (as of 30 December 2005).
  • The company is located since January 2005 in Darmstadt, in the street named after the company (T-Online -Allee).
  • In late 2006, T-Online from the parent company ( Telekom ) bought back in 2007 and incorporated as OU Products & innovation back into the group. The current business as an Internet Service Provider has been given mainly to the business unit T -Home. Products & Innovation occurs mainly on the outside only as a content provider.
  • Inward Products & Innovation for the development of new products in the Deutsche Telekom AG is responsible.

Companies (selection )

In the former T-Online International AG associated investments are after reintegration of T-Online in the parent company to subsidiaries of German Telekom AG.

  • Atrada Trading Network AG
  • Congstar GmbH
  • Interactive Media
  • Scout24 Holding
  • T -Online Travel
  • T-Online Venture Fund

The foreign activities were either sold ( the French subsidiary Club Internet in June 2007, Neuf Cegetel, the Spanish ya.com in July 2007 to France Télécom ) or set (T-Online and T-Online Austria Switzerland, respectively in 2008).


T-Online pursued a combined business model of access and non -access business. To access business marketing various Internet Rates (T- DSL) also included Wi-Fi and international roaming access. The non-access transaction comprised communication services (eg e- mail, homepage and VoIP) and entertainment services like digital distribution platforms for feature films ( Videoload ), software (software load), music (Music Load) and PC Games (Games Load). There is also an online shop for hardware, software and consumer electronics. In cooperation with a variety of other partner T -Online also offers opportunities for e-commerce.

T-Online offered Internet access for business and residential customers. With the access technology T- DSL ( ADSL), the provider broadband Internet access over DSL in Germany made ​​popular in cooperation with the German parent Deutsche Telekom.

Web Portal

Even the brand name T-Online is no longer used and so t -online.de is now only a portal through which the user can take different access services and not have their own brand. It's loud IVW one of the most popular general-interest portals in Germany. The information available includes several portal areas ( such as news, sports, computer, shopping, etc.). Since a redesign on 19 November 2007 operates t-online.de several corporate blogs. These are the shopping blog, a weightloss blog of lifestyle editorial and a sports and news blog with changing themes.

Another brand Congstar is sold in a cheap segment.

As the competitor AOL offers t-online.de its customers its own Internet access software, in addition to browsers and e -mail program also advanced functions such as home banking fulfilled. The Internet can also make use of this without access software.


T- online.de offers free and fee-based services (usually for members only ) to.

  • Free services: Internet telephony
  • E-mail
  • Chat in cooperation with Lycos ( chargeable additional functions)
  • Homepage (either including. De domain without FTP or 10 MB FTP only so-called master address)
  • Child protection software
  • Design assistant CMS for creating websites
  • Media Center, online hard disk for files of all types, such as photos, 25 GB of storage space ( has similarity with GMX Media Center and with humyo )
  • (Never ) 3min
  • Tvister ( set )
  • Beta-Portal/BetaBuzz (test platform for innovative online services)
  • Over 18,000 Free and shareware downloads on softwareload.de
  • T-Online Navigation Help
  • Games Load
  • Music Load
  • Software Load
  • T-Home
  • T-Online Vision
  • Videoload
  • Webhosting
  • T- Online Browser



T-Online came in October 2010 with its shopping portal Shopping world in the criticism, as it turned out, that user reviews on products not by actual users, but by the agency Textprovider had been written. The agency had 1000 texts between 80 and 180 words supplied, which were set as consumer reviews from customers. Instructions to the copywriter denominated in part: " There are realistic product reviews are created that are as realistic as possible and, of course, written if possible. " And " you need to slip into the role of the user ' and make the most authentic reviews of all products." There go but "not a priority for fake reviews", but the assessment should be " based on real, existing reviews on the net ." Deutsche Telekom could be explained that it had not been aware of the order and had to delete the question Reviews. The Agency text provider is not willing to submit comments.