T.C. Resmi Gazete

The T.C. Resmi Gazete is the Official Journal of the Republic of Turkey. Was first published in the Official Journal on 7 February 1921 and appeared up to and including July 18, 1921, entitled Ceride -i Resmîye / جریده رسمیه. The outputs of 10 September 1923 to 15 December 1927, the published entitled Resmi Ceride / رسمی جریده and Türkiye Resmi cumhuriyeti Ceride / تورکیه جمهوریتی رسمی جریده. Since 17 December 1927, the Official Journal with the title Türkiye Resmi cumhuriyeti Gazete / تورکیه جمهوریتی رسمی غزته appears (as TC Resmi Gazete in Latin script since December 1, 1928). Precursor of T.C. Resmi Gazete was issued from November 11, 1831 " Calendar of events" ( تقویم وقایع / takvim -i ʿ Veḳāyi ). Responsible for the Official Journal of the the premiership under its Directorate-General for the issuance and publication of laws.

The T.C. Resmi Gazete was free of charge for options granted after June 27, 2000 at the Internet cost. Since 2011, all editions of the Official Journal can be viewed free of charge.