Table Mountain National Park

IUCN Category II - National Park

The National Park Table Mountain (English: Table Mountain National Park, TNMP ) is South Africa's internationally famous landmark in the Cape region and the UNESCO world heritage.

Located on the southwestern tip of Africa, the Table Mountain National Park encompasses the mountain ranges of Table Mountain, which stretches from Signal Hill in the north to Cape Point in the south to the coast of the Cape Peninsula. The narrow spit of land with its valleys, bays and beaches is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the warmer waters of False Bay to the east. Two world-famous attractions are within the park area: the majestic Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope.

The park is known for its rich, diverse and unique fauna and flora as the natural landscape with its rugged cliffs, steep slopes and sandy banks, but also for history, culture and leisure activities.

Almost all visitors have free access to the park and only at three points, at the Cape of Good Hope, at Boulders and Silvermine Nature Reserve, entrance fees are charged.