Table tennis at the 1992 Summer Olympics

The XXV. Four competitions 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona were held in table tennis. Venue was from July 28 to August 6 Estacio del Nord sports (formerly Nord train station). 40,000 spectators attended this event. Rosskopf / Fetzner won the silver medal in double, and thus the first medal that Germany took in the Olympic table tennis competition.

  • 4.1 Men's Singles
  • 4.2 Men's Doubles
  • 4.3 Women's Singles
  • 4.4 Women's Doubles

Competition mode

Compared to the last Olympics, there were the following changes:

  • In women's singles enter 64 players (instead of 48)
  • Only the winners of the group matches reach the second round ( which differ from the Second )
  • The double competition starts with 8 groups of four ( instead of 4 octets )
  • 3rd and 4th will no longer be played, it will be awarded two bronze medals

German participants

From Germany qualified Jörg Rosskopf than 15 of the world rankings adjusted directly and Steffen Fetzner, Olga Nemes and Elke Schall on the qualifiers in Bolzano in February 1992. Struse Nicole was only eligible to play in the doubles.

Men's Singles

Jörg Rosskopf was first in Group E. Here he defeated Michael Hyatt (Jamaica ), Gideon Joe NG ( Canada) and Andrei Masunow. In the second round he won against Li Gun Sang (North Korea). Then he lost to eventual champion Jan- Ove Waldner in four sets. Rosskopf was the only player of this Olympics, who won against a set Waldner.

Steffen Fetzner won the Group N after victories over Takehiro Watanabe (Japan), Marcos Nunez Pinet (Chile) and Kim Song Hui (North Korea). In the second round, he was eliminated by the Swede Jörgen Persson.

Men Doubles

Rosskopf / Fetzner had set itself the goal of reaching the semi-finals in advance. In this respect, the silver medal was a great success. Initially they settled through in Group C against Augusto Guillermo Morales Marengo / Pinet Marcos Nunez (Chile), Nicolas Chatelain / Patrick Chila (France) and Koji Matsushita / Hiroshi Shibutani (Japan). In the quarterfinals, they defeated the Yugoslav Slobodan Grujic / Ilija Lupulesku also in three sets in the semi-finals as the Koreans Kang Chul- seung Hee-chan/Lee. In the finals they faced the Chinese Lu Lin / Wang Tao. In the first sentence, the Germans introduced already 20:15, but lost that even with 26:24. After the further sets 21:18, 18:21 and 21:13 they lost the decisive fifth set with 14:21.

Women's Singles

The German women's team failed in the group matches.

Olga Nemes won in Group K against Diane Gee (USA) and Sofija Tepez (Chile), but lost to the group winner and defender Hong Soon Hwa (North Korea).

Elke Schall came in Group B in third. They recorded a victory against Cheryl Mary Roberts (South Africa ) and two defeats against Alessa Arisi (Italy) and Qiao Hong (China).

Women Doubles

Sound / Struse dropped out in the group stages. In Group A, they finished in second place. The victories over Emilia Ciosu / Adriana Nastase (Romania) and Eliana Gonzalez / Magaly Montes (Peru ) was offset by the loss to the later winners of the silver medal Chen Zihe / Gao Jun ( China).

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In contrast to the 1991 World Series came back to Korea under separate flags, namely North and South Korea. Dragutin Šurbek celebrated with his 45 years of making a comeback. He entered only in the doubles with Zoran Primorac, where he came in second place in Group B and thus eliminated. The player who is eligible for Egypt Adel Massaad was indeed qualified, but was not allowed to participate for reasons of cost.


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