Table wine

The term wine (formerly table wine ) refers to the lowest quality category of wine, which is not particularly quality inspection.

The term table wine was in the new EU wine market in 2009 replaced by the term wine.


The EU wine law amended on 1 August 2009, the term table wine was replaced by German wine without Appellation.


According to classification of wines according to quality levels of the Austrian Wine Law 2009 the wine category wine without Appellation. The term table wine was in the new EU wine market in 2009 replaced by the term wine and is not included in the Austrian wine law of 2009.


  • Without varieties and vintage indication
  • Without limiting yield per hectare
  • Blend of wines possible from different countries of the EU


  • Wines from Austria - white
  • Wines from Austria - red

Wines without PDO or GGU can varietal or vintage details, in certain circumstances, have.

  • Maximum yield per hectare 9000 kg (or 6750 liters of wine / ha)
  • Must be in appearance and taste free from errors (→ Wine error )
  • Have corresponding Rebsortentypizität
  • Varieties with place names (eg, White Burgundy and all other Burgundies, Rhine Riesling, Gamay, etc. ) are not allowed (possible misleading of consumers).
  • Details of varieties according to quality wine grape varieties VO and authorized by VO varieties.

Alcohol Increase / enrichment wines without geographical origin

  • Alcohol Increase / enrichment maximum accumulation margin 2.0% vol ( in exceptional years, 2.5 % vol )
  • Total alcohol after enrichment of white wine 12.0 % vol, Red Wine 12.5 % vol


The brand wines are among the table wines. Fantasy names may only be used together with the grape variety or together with the designation of origin. Table wines are consumer wines, which are usually produced from blends with foreign wines.


Vino de la Mesa ( table wine) can be anything, usually quite passable wine with your meal, often branded product, but sometimes also wine from specified regions such as Rioja.


The French Vins de Table make up about half of French wine production. They are not particularly classification. In order to guarantee a minimum level of quality, certain grape varieties, a minimum alcohol content and a minimum acidity are required. On the label the name of Vin de Table and the alcohol content must be listed.


Table wine in Italy since 1973 bear the name Vino da Tavola. Sometimes you'll find in this class wines that do not conform to the DOC and DOCG rules, but high nonetheless convincing.


According to the Wine Act of 1970 is the name of table wine Asztali Bor He needs 10.5 to 12 vol - % have alcohol, grape variety and origin must be specified.