Tackle (football move)

( Engl. take in attack, tackle ) Under a tackle is understood in American football that bring to the floor of a player by a physical attack. In this case, the opponent is driven, and thus put out of balance ( a so-called hit ) or, as is the case with powerful attacker, pulled to ground. Since a play is over when a body part of the ball carrier touches the ground except the hands and feet, means a successful tackle the end of the turn (play ), whereas an attempted but faulting Tackle Lost or Broken Tackle is called.

Another variant of the tackles is the so-called Strip ( engl. snatch ), an attempt in which to separate the attacker from the ball without that down, so getackled and the play is finished. This holding arm is pulled or beaten to the ball on the ball. A successful Strip leads to a fumble. This technique is used primarily for slow opponents, such as the quarterback or sometimes the fullback, as these can still be getackled of other defenders after a failed Strip or such a maneuver especially at a probable sack from behind by the surprise effect is very is promising.

In the low-contact variant, the flag football, physical contact is replaced by the pulling out of a side of the belt attached fabric or plastic strip, the flag.

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