Tafalla is a navarrenische city in Spain. It is located 35 km south of Pamplona and has 11,201 inhabitants ( 1 January 2013). Tafalla received city rights in 1636. Today it is the center of the comarca and Central Navarre.


In the so called Ciudad del Zidacos, or Tubala ( during Roman rule ), is the Romanesque church of Santa María. In the church are the altar with an essay by Juan de Ancheta and the stone carvings of the choir from 1760 and an unfinished sculpture from the 15th century.

There is an older church, San Pedro, whose existence has been documented already in 1157. She has a portal with five pointed arches. Inside there is a Gothic altarpiece, which is the painter Joaquin Oliveras attributed.

The monasteries Purisima Concepción and San Francisco have some artistically valuable works.

There was also a castle of the 15th century, on the orders of Charles III. was built and destroyed at the direction of Navarre Cardinal Cisneros.