The Tageblatt Luxembourg is the second largest daily newspaper. It first appeared on July 1, 1913, then under the name Escher Tageblatt and the subtitle Democratic organ for the interests of the canton of Esch. Today is called the subtitles newspaper fir Luxemburg ( German: "Newspaper for Luxembourg "). The editorial team is based in Esch- sur -Alzette. The circulation is about 26,000.


The daily magazine was founded in 1913 by Paul Schroell. It initially appeared in Escher printing and newspaper publishing. The chief editor was Frantz Clément, later Gust van Werveke. For a time there was sister editions, the Luxembourg Tageblatt and Differdange Tageblatt were called. The daily paper is published as the French-language Le Quotidien and other publications of the Editpress SA.