Tahiti national rugby union team

The Tahitian rugby union team represents the located in the South Pacific island nation of French Polynesia in the Rugby Union. It is named after the main island of Tahiti. The team is classified as a national of the third category by the International Rugby Board (IRB ).


The Tahitian national team played its first international match on September 1, 1971 against the selection Wallis and Futunas. The game ended with a 0-3 defeat. But in the return fixture two days later achieved success with a 14-0 win the rematch, after having moved Samoa was inferior to the previous day. After an eight -year hiatus, they played until 1979 and again defeated Tonga clearly with 0:74.

Only to qualify for the Rugby Union World Cup 1999 national team was put together again. Similarly, for the years 2003 and 2007. Previously succeeded in the six qualifying games but not a victory and one dropped out early.

Participation in World Championships