Tahuata is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean.


Tahuata among geographically to the southern group of the Marquesas Islands and politically to French Polynesia. With a land area of ​​61 km ² and 671 inhabitants ( 2007) it is the smallest inhabited island in the Marquesas. It is only about four kilometers south of the southern tip of Hiva Oa.

Capital is Vaitahu on the west coast of the island, the highest point of about 1,050 meters high Tumu Ufa Mea (French Mont Amatea ).


The island was along with the other Marquesas Islands annexed by the French Admiral Abel Aubert Dupetit - Thouars in 1842, but there stationed French left the island in 1847. Was not until 1880, she was again visited by police, who there to this day the maintain order.


From time to time Tahuata is visited by passengers of cruise ships.

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