Taipei Songshan Airport

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The airport Taipei Songshan (Chinese台北 松山 机场, Pinyin Taibei Songshan Jīchǎng, IATA: TSA) is located in the homonymous municipality of Taipei domestic airport of the capital of the Republic of China on Taiwan.


The first used as a military base airport developed jointly with Taipei to major transport hub. From the completion of the international airport near Taoyuan in 1979 only national passenger flights within Taiwan and the Republic of China belonging surrounding islands were cleared of Songshan out.

The commissioning of the first section of the high-speed rail Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, which connects Taipei along the west coast of Taiwan, inter alia, with Taizhong, Jiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung ( Zuoying ), initiated a sharp drop in passenger traffic to these destinations. The most affected compounds were deleted. With inclusion of charter flights to destinations in the People's Republic of China in 2008 as well as improved transport links the airport to the metro network in 2009, the airport will become more attractive again.

Destinations and companies

Targets on other islands of Kinmen KNH ( Quemoy ), Magong MFD ( Penghu )

Targets on Taiwan: Kaohsiung KHH, Taizhong RMQ Targets on other islands of Kinmen KNH ( Quemoy )

Targets on Taiwan Hualian HUN, Hengchun HCN, Kaohsiung KHH, Pingdong PIF, Tainan TNN Targets on other islands of Kinmen KNH ( Quemoy ), Magong MFD ( Penghu )

  • Uni Air (IATA: B7, Chinese立荣 航空, Pinyin Lirong Hángkōng )

Targets on Taiwan: Jiayi CYI, Hengchun HCN, Kaohsiung KHH, Taidong TTT Targets on other islands: Beigan ( Matsu Islands), KNH Kinmen ( Quemoy ) Makong MFD ( Penghu ), Nan'gan ( Matsu )

Connecting flights can be reached from Taidong to Lan Yu and Green Iceland, from Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung and Wang'an or Magong after Qimei.

Transport links

In front of the main building there are separate holding areas for taxis, city and intercity buses and a car park. Taxis drop off passengers at the airport may not immediately take new passengers, but have to " do " in a queue. Especially when it rains, it may be worthwhile to take the short walk to the airport exit onto itself instead of waiting at the main building in the queue, as all too often free taxis to the nearby gas station driveway. Intercity buses are of departure and destination (often only in Chinese, partly transcribed in Latin letters ) provided with the name, city buses in addition with line numbers.

To and from Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, a shuttle bus, the trip takes about 1 hour in direct drive ( KuoKuang or FreeGo bus), with intermediate stops in Taipei correspondingly longer ( or Yatung Toward You Air Bus ).

The airport has direct access to the underground network of Taipei. An underground stop the brown Neihu Line is located directly outside the terminal.