Tajumulco on the map of Guatemala

Tajumulco is a place and a municipality in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala. The town is located approximately 300 km north- west of Guatemala City and just 40 km northwest of the capital Departaments - San Marcos in the highlands of the Sierra Madre at 2,050 meters above sea level. Immediately southeast of the town situated on the River Cutzulchimá rises the 4,220 meters high volcano Tajumulco. The Tajumulco is the highest volcano in Guatemala and Central America.

Tajumulco can be reached from San Marcos on a country road that leads east of the volcano on La Grandeza and Serchil to the remote valley of Cutzulchimá. West of Tajumulco there are only dirt roads that lead to 20 km away at the Mexican border at Unión Juárez, for a little further north of it volcanic Tacaná or south-west to the Pacific lowlands region. East of Tajumulco branches off a country road to the north, are accessible via the Ixchiguan, Sibinal and thus also the 4,093 m high Tacaná.

This 300 km ² large municipality over 50,000 people, of which about 90 percent Mam Maya are live. Because of its remote location in the highlands, the economy is underdeveloped and drawn the population generally of poverty. The municipality is next to the main town Tajumulco from the rural communities ( Aldeas ) Boxoncan, Bullaj, Chanchicupe, Costa Rica Joviu, El Malacate, El Malacatillo, La Unión Tolax, Pueblo Nuevo, San José La Paz, Santa Lucía Tolax, Tocuto, Tonimchun, Toquian Chico, Toquian Grande, Totana, Tuinima, Tuiquia, Tuiquimamel and Xolhuitz and over 120 hamlets. The Nachbarmunicipios are Sibinal and Ixchiguan in the north, San Marcos to the east, San Pablo and Malacatán in the south and the municipality of Unión Juárez said Mexican in the West.