Tak (town)


Tak ( Thai: ตาก ) is the capital of the district ( Amphoe ) Mueang Tak and the province of Tak. The Tak province is located in the northern region of Thailand.


In the Sukhothai era, Mueang Tak was a frontier town on the western border. She lay back in Tambon Ko Taphao, Amphoe Ban Tak today. For strategic reasons, it was later moved to its present location. Another old name of the city was Ra - Haeng.

The most famous personality of the province is undoubtedly the General Taksin (1734-1782), who freed after the fall of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya Siam not only by the Burmese, but reunited in old size. Born as Sin in Ayutthaya he became vice - governor of Tak, earning him also his later name.

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Tak is located about 420 kilometers northwest of Bangkok on Maenam Ping ( Ping River ), one of the major tributaries of the Chao Phraya River. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains, it is considered as the gateway to northern Thailand ..

The most important water resource is the Maenam Ping, which flows through the northern part of the province from north to south.



The Yannee Dam (built 1961-1964 ), popularly known by the initiator also Bhumibol Dam, allows a controlled irrigation of the fertile land without incurring the usual floods. In one produces as much electricity that the capital Bangkok can be partially fed.



The city is an important transportation hub. There are three major trunk roads which meet in the city:

  • Thanon Phahonyothin: North-South Connection
  • Thailand Route 12: East
  • Thailand Route 105: Mae Sot border with Myanmar
  • Asian Highway AH1
  • Asian Highway AH2

Rail traffic

There is no railway station.



Ship traffic hardly matters, because the Ping River hampered by the Bhumibol Dam water transport.


  • Old Town - with numerous authentic wooden houses in the old style
  • Monument of King of Siam, Phra Somdej the shrine of Chao Taksin Maharat (April 17, 1734 - April 6, 1782 )
  • San Lak Mueang ( Thai: ศาลหลักเมือง สี่ มหาราช ) - place of worship for the city of ghosts, built in 1992 on a hill on the banks of the Ping River
  • Wat Manibanphot Worawihan ( Thai: วัด มณี บรรพต วรวิหาร ) - royal, Buddhist Temple of the Third Class
  • Wat Si Talaram ( Thai: วัด ศรี ต ลา ราม )
  • Wat Tham Khao ( Thai: วัด เขา ถ้ำ )
  • Wat Chaichana Songkhram
  • Wat Tha Na
  • Wat Pathum Khiri

King Taksin (1767-1782)

Lak Mueang

The column of the Lak Mueang Tak

Local festivals