Takamatsu, Kagawa

Takamatsu (Japanese高 松 市, -shi, literally: high pine) is a city and the administrative center of Kagawa Japanese prefecture. It lies on the Japanese Inland Sea in the north of the island of Shikoku. With the harbor as a center she runs inland through the coastal plain and is bounded by the edges of mountains and hills.


Climatically Takamatsu is quite mild, snow is rare, and in summer it is hot and humid. The cherry blossom is often the beginning of April or end of March, the rainy season in June.


On 26 September 2005 and on 10 January 2006, the municipalities Shionoe, Mure, Aji, Kagawa, Konan and Kokubunji were incorporated into the city. Was officially founded the city on 15 February 1890. However you had been around since the Edo period, a political and economic center of the region, since the Matsudaira clan Takamatsu to the capital made ​​their fief.


From Honshu from Takamatsu to reach by plane or train. The Takamatsu Airport is approximately fifteen minutes away from the city. Trains leave from Shinkansen Okayama Station regularly on the Seto - Ohashi Bridge to Takamatsu.

  • Train: JR Yosan - line
  • JR Kōtoku - line
  • Takamatsu Expressway
  • National Road 11 to Tokushima and Matsuyama
  • National Road 30,32,193,377,436,492


Known products from Takamatsu and surroundings are bonsai, Udon, Sanuki udon hot here, and lacquer wares in special techniques. Also houses a university Takamatsu, Kagawa University.


Takamatsu is famous for the landscape garden Ritsurin - kōen. At the harbor once stood a castle, of which only remnants remain, the site is now a park ( Tamamo - kōen ).

On the outskirts of town in the east, the Yashima peninsula with a temple ( Yashima -dera ), which is part of the famous 88- temple pilgrimage on Shikoku. At the foot of Yashima - Lavaplateaus lies Shikoku Mura, an open air museum, are collected in the different buildings from all over Shikoku, of a suspension bridge over a simple fisherman's cottage up to the soy sauce brewery. Also, this place is famous as the scene of the Battle of Yashima, a historical battle between the Genji and Heike feuding families.

Goshikidai: West of the town, a similar mountain, which extends into the sea rises. Here also are two temples of the pilgrimage: Shiramine -ji and Negoro -ji.

Other attractions include:

  • Ritsurin - kōen
  • Tamamo - kōen
  • Yashima
  • Goshikidai
  • Megijima
  • Sun Port Takamatsu
  • Honen- ji (temple)
  • Tamura Shrine
  • Kinashi ( Bonsai - production )
  • Mineyama Park
  • Kinbuchi Forest Park
  • Museums: Takamatsu Historical Museum
  • Shikokumura Open-Air Museum
  • Takamatsu City Museum of Modern Art


  • United States Saint Petersburg, United States, since 1961
  • Japan Hikone, Japan, since 1966
  • Japan Mito, Japan, since 1974
  • France Tours, France, since 1988
  • People's Republic of China Nanchang, People's Republic of China, since 1990
  • Japan Yurihonjo, Japan, since 1999

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kikuchi Kan ( narrator)
  • Tatsuyoshi Miki (tennis player)
  • Soshichi Uchii ( philosopher of science )
  • Ayako Uehara ( pianist )
  • Osugi Sakae ( anarchist )