Takeshi Nishimoto

Takeshi Nishimoto (* 1974 in Fukuoka Prefecture ) is a Japanese musician.


Nishimoto was born as a child of biotechnologists and grew up in New York City. There he took piano lessons for several years. After the return of the family to the Japanese Fukuoka Nishimoto began at the age of 13, playing the electric guitar. Later he joined as a bassist in a punk band, with which he also performed live.

After finishing school Nishimoto moved to Los Angeles, where he applied for a period of disorientation in 1994 for a music degree at the University of Southern California ( USC) and surprisingly received a scholarship. During his studies, he met with James F. Smith, Scott Tennant, Bill Kanegizer and Brian Head. Later he worked as a professional session musician. Together with Joe Diorio, David Oaks and Phil Upchurch he gained his first experience in the jazz field.

1998 learned Nishimoto musician John Tejada know and founded with him the project I'm Not a Gun. In 2003, the first album of the project Everything At Once on the Berlin label City Centre Offices (CCO ). After two more albums followed in 2007 on CCO Nishi Motos solo debut Monologue on the CCO sublabel office. The album contained improvised guitar pieces, which started Nishimoto alone with a guitar in one day in a church.

2008 and 2010 followed by new albums as I'm Not a Gun.

Nishimoto lives by longer stays in the United States and Japan today in Berlin.

Discography (selection)

  • 2007: Monologue (Office)
  • 2004: Our Lives On Wednesdays ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2006: We Think As Instruments ( City Centre Offices )
  • 2008: Mirror ( Palette Recordings)
  • 2010: Solace ( City Centre Offices )