Talaq (film)

  • Rajendra Kumar Ravi Shankar Chaube
  • Kamini Kadam: Indu M. Chabbe / Indu R. Chaube
  • Sajjan: Mangal
  • Kusum Thakur: Tara
  • Yashodra Katju: Kamini
  • Radhakrishan: Moolchand / Indus father
  • Daisy Irani: Ashoo R. Chaube
  • Moolchand Player

Talaq is a Bollywood film, which deals with the topic of Islamic law of divorce ( Talaq ).


The teacher Indu lives with her unemployed father Moolchand. She falls in love with Ravi Shankar Chaube, a singer and engineer. Since Indu has heard him sing at an event for Independence Day, they can only think of him. Eventually, they decide to get married and then get soon a daughter Ashoo what Indu their profession can no longer exercise.

Sadly, the marriage does not work as intended. It begins, as Indus borrows money from father Ravi and it loses while playing. The problems in marriage are inevitable, so Ravi for divorce. Now Indu forced their former resume work, while she has to endure as a divorced wife the humiliation of society.



Nominations at the Filmfare Awards 6

  • Filmfare Award / Best Film at Mahesh Kaul and Sharma Mukhram
  • Filmfare Award / Best Director to Mahesh Kaul
  • Filmfare Award / Best Story at Mukhram Sharma