- 4.5791666666667 - 81.274722222222Koordinaten: 4 ° 35 ' S, 81 ° 16' W

Talara is a Peruvian port city with 84 373 inhabitants ( 2005). It is the capital of the province of Talara in the department of Piura.

There is a significant oil industry, which is subject to state oil company Petro Peru. At the beginning of the 20th century was Talara a small fishing village, but evolved under the influence of the oil business quickly to a major city, which was inhabited mainly by the workers in the oil fields.

The name allegedly goes back to times when Talara was an insignificant place yet and only fishermen and farmers primarily housed loggers. ( To make spanish we go wood) from vamos talar was the time a fixed term vamos Talara (we go to Talara ), which was passed on to the place.

The Talara province has an area of ​​2799.49 km ², which represents a share of 7.8 % of the total area of the department of Piura, the height above sea level is 15 m. It lies in a relatively fertile section of the otherwise quite dry and barren coastal region. The climatic conditions subject to dramatic changes for the time of occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon.

The city is located at the coordinates 4 ° 34 ' South, 81 ° 17' West. It is the westernmost of (larger) city in South America. ( See also: Physical Geography of South America. )

For the first time an oil well was installed in 1874, of which about 42 are in operation today. Main growing goods are cotton, rice, mangoes and bananas.