Taling Chan District

Taling Chan ( Thai ตลิ่งชัน ) is one of the 50 districts (Khet ) of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Taling Chan is a suburban district in the west of the urban area.


Taling Chan is bounded on the north by the Khlong Mahasawat ( คลอง มหา สวัสดิ์ ), to the east by Khlong Bangkok Noi ( คลอง บางกอกน้อย ) and from Khlong Bangkok Yai ( คลอง บางกอกใหญ่ ), to the south by Khlong Bang Chueak Nang ( คลอง บาง เชือก หนัง ) and in west of the Western Outer Ring Road ( Thanon Kanchanapisek, ถนน กา ญ จ นาภิ เษ ก ).

The neighboring districts are from clockwise from the North: Amphoe Bang Kruai Nonthaburi Province and the districts of Bang Phlat, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok Yai, Phasi Charoen, Bang Khae, and Thawi Watthana.


  • Taling Chan Floating Market is every weekend from 8:30 bis 16:00 clock clock Khlong Chak Phra on the ( คลอง ชักพระ ) held. From the boats the local products are sold, such as fruits, vegetables and fish. Traditional Thai music is performed live from 11:00 bis 14:00 clock clock. The idea for the floating market comes from the former governor of Bangkok General Cham Srimuang while trying to create a new attraction in honor of King Bhumibol's 60th birthday here in 1987. Because the floating markets, a traditional way of life in Thailand are completely disappeared from today's Bangkok life.


In the district Tailing Chan is the campus of specialized and in particular Art Silpakorn University.


The district is divided into six sub-districts ( Kwaeng ):