Tamale (Ghana)


Tamale is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana.

Tamale is located about 400 kilometers north of Kumasi in the nordghanaischen Savannnenlandschaft at an altitude of 180 m. Nearby millet, cassava, cotton and peanuts are grown. A major transport hub which is about 30 km south west harbor Yapei, even Tamale Port, take the Volta Lake, from where boats to Akosombo in the south of the lake.

80 percent of 466 841 inhabitants ( 2010 calculation ) belong to the people of the Dagomba, about 84 percent are Muslims.

The city is the seat of the Technical University College of Tamale ( TUCT ), the University for Development Studies, founded in 1992, and the Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies ( TICCS ). Other institutions such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID ) have opened offices in Tamale. The sports stadium has a capacity of 21,017 seats and has hosted the African Cup of Nations 2008 ( African Cup of Nations 2008) in Ghana.

Tamale is also the seat of the Archdiocese of Tamale. There is a partnership between the Diocese of Münster and the dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Tamale. The contact goes back to 1982, since 2006 is to change every year an exchange program between the Ghanaians and the Catholic students and university community ( KSHG ) and the Catholic Theological Faculty in Münster.

Sons and daughters of the town

In Tamale were born:

  • Habib Mohamed ( b. 1983 ), Ghanaian footballer
  • Abdul Rahman Baba (* 1994), Ghanaian footballer
  • Bawa Abudu, musicians


Bank in Tamale (November 1999)

Bolga Road in Tamale (November 1999)

Market in Tamale

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