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Tammessaare is a village (Estonian küla ) in the rural community Avinurme ( Avinurme vald ). It is located in Ida -Viru county (East Wierland ) in northeastern Estonia.

Description and History

The village now has 20 inhabitants ( 2010).

End of the 17th century was the place of only one Waldhof, from which formed the core of the village over time. Between the First and Second World War lived there only residents with the family name Tamm (s).

In Tammessaare Estonian writer Heino Kiik spent (1927-2013), the summer of his youth. He was best known for his seven-volume novel series " Arve Jomm ", which appeared 1971-1990. It deals with the ( fictional ) life of the typical Estonian villager Arved Tamm, since its birth on January 31, 1910.