Tammy and the Bachelor

Tammy is an American romantic comedy by Joseph Pevney from the year 1957. Cid Ricketts Sumner It is based on novel Tammy Out of Time.


Since the death of her grandmother, the 17 -year-old Tammy lives alone with her grandfather John Dinwitty on a houseboat in the wilderness. She grew up far away from the cities, their best friend is her goat Nan. One day, crashes near the houseboat from a small plane. Tammy and her grandfather can recover the seriously injured pilot. After five days in delirium awakened Peter Brent and Tammy takes care of him. Both go swimming and Tammy, the restraint has never learned to speak with Peter openly about the possibility that he could teach her all love things of which they have no idea. She only knows the love of God, as described in the Bible. By Peter again she knows that he is not married and with his girlfriend Barbara has often quarrel. Nevertheless, Peter decides one day to return home, to know his parents but not that he survived. He promises to never forget Tammy. The is heartbroken over his departure.

Takes weeks without Tammy Peter has heard. One day, her grandfather tells her that he was arrested for illegal distillery. You should go to Peter, but once both have agreed that Tammy must live with him, if anything happens grandfather. Tammy and Nan go to Peter's house, which turns out to be magnificent estate. Tammy falls asleep in front of the entrance, because inside just a dance is rehearsed. From the tired words Tammy concludes Peter that John Dinwitty died. The next day, his parents are shocked when they hear that Grandpa is in jail instead. Only Aunt Renie, an unconventional painter, is delighted about Tammy's casual Article

Tammy learn much new in the next few days, learns that water can come out of the wall and that certain things simply should not say. Peter's mother Deena ended up going so far Tammy guessing the mouth rarely open. Especially the upcoming Pilgrimage Week, at the hatch all occupants for tourists in clothes from the time of the first pilgrims and show them the house, distressed Deena, who believes that Tammy's kind could cast a negative image on the family. Your naivete brings Tammy so far at the end, that it can be run by Peter 's best friend Ernie, although no good intentions. It is Peter who finds himself in time. He travels with her to the city where Tammy is amazed by the crowds and shop windows. Yet her makes her unrequited love for Peter always more to do, especially since he holds on to his relationship with Barbara. However, this does not have a deeper understanding of him and can not understand his farmerischen efforts: Peter tries to breed a weather- resistant Tomantenpflanze, which in addition to sooner than traditional plants fruit. Barbara wants to turn that Peter takes a job at her father.

On the Pilgrimage Week brings Aunt Renie Tammy to wear a dress her grandmother, who once appeared walking on the farm and enraptured the master of the house. Peter is fond of Tammy's appearance, even if Barbara is pushing with her dress in the foreground. Before the tourists Tammy enchants with its history of dress and their arrival on the farm many years ago. You can be as self Deena convince. In the night it begins to hail and rain. In vain Peter and Tammy to save the tomato plants. Peter gives up and accepts the job at Barbara's father. Tammy is disappointed and goes back to her house boat, which Peter learns until the next morning. Now he realizes that he loves Tammy, especially since Barbara is not willing to compromise. He takes John Dinwitty from prison and goes to Tammy. She is happy to see him, and allowed him finally, after many futile attempts to kiss her.


Tammy was filmed from April to June 1956 in Louisiana and Mississippi. The costumes created Bill Thomas, the Filmbauten submitted by Bill Newberry and Richard H. Riedel. The film experienced on June 4, 1957 in New Orleans premiered and ran 23 May 1958, also in the West German cinemas.

Tammy's success led to several sequels: Tammy Tell Me True ( 1961) Tammy and the Doctor (1963) and Tammy and the Millionaire (1967). The girl from the houseboat, which ran from 1965 to 1966 on ABC Network - In addition, the television series was Tammy.


For the filmdienst Tammy was a " mixture of tender love story and more emotional comedy, largely original, directed and acted. "


In 1958, the written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston theme song of the film, Tammy, was nominated for Best Song for an Oscar in the category.