Tamworth, New South Wales

Tamworth is a city in Australia, New South Wales in the New England region and lies west of the Great Dividing Range on the Peel River. The city has about 33,500 inhabitants.

Tamworth was founded in 1824 and has evolved into a city until 1850. In 1888 Tamworth was the first Australian city electric street lighting. The city was named after the eponymous town Tamworth in Staffordshire, England, named. The River Peel River was named after Sir Robert Peel, who represented then Tamworth ( England) in the British Parliament.

The city is a major center for agriculture. There is cereal, fruit and tobacco are grown and operated livestock. Every year there is a festival of country music with up to 50,000 visitors rather than daily. For this reason, here the "big golden guitar" built a large golden guitar that should be examined from the highway at the entrance. Tamworth has a small airport and is located on the Oxley Highway and the New England Highway. In addition, the city can be reached by train on the route from Newcastle to Dubbo and Toowoomba.

Tamworth is the center and the administrative seat of the local administrative area in Tamworth Regional Council.


Born here

  • Hear Troy Field ( * 1987), football player
  • Andrew Wyper ( born 1985 ), cyclist