Tandberg Data

The Tandberg Data GmbH with headquarters in Dortmund, specializing in data storage such as Tape ( tape drives) and the only manufacturer of drives for the formats QIC (also known as SLR), VXA and LTO tape libraries - the so-called autoloaders, NAS devices and RDX removable drives.

Tandberg Data presented once her computer terminals such as the " TDV 2200 ", keyboards and other hardware and has offices in Oslo - Norway, Japan, Singapore and Westminster ( Colorado) in the USA.


  • The " Tandberg Radiofabrikk " was established on January 25, 1933 by Vebjørn Tandberg in Oslo
  • Tandberg 1970 made ​​the first own tape drives
  • In 1979, the original was " Tandberg Radiofabrikk " divided into different companies.
  • 1981 Tandberg founding member of the QIC Committee for the standardization of interfaces and recording formats, and produced the first own tape drives for data.
  • 1984 Tandberg Data went public.
  • 2003 Tandberg Storage and its subsidiary O -Mass divided into separate companies and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Tandberg Data has a share of 33.48 % of the shares of Tandberg Storage is the largest shareholder.
  • August 30, 2006 Tandberg Data purchased the assets of Exabyte VXA and thus the technology. As a common turnover 215 million USD for 2006 were expected.
  • On 15 May 2007 Tandberg Data Tandberg Storage sold all shares.
  • On 9 January 2008, Pat Clarke CEO of Tandberg Data.
  • On 12 September 2008 Tandberg Data Tandberg Storage announced repurchase.
  • On 24 April 2009, Tandberg Data ASA and Tandberg Storage featured insolvency.
  • On 19 May 2009 Tandberg Data founded the holding company TAD Holding AS, which was the owner of all subsidiary of Tandberg Data Tandberg and storage. Cyrus Capital was the largest shareholder. The business operations in Norway was continued by the newly Tandberg Data Norge AS.
  • In May 2011, Tandberg Data took over the RDX technology from ProStor Systems