Tanel Padar

Tanel Padar ( born October 27, 1980 in Haljala ) is an Estonian singer and band member of The Sun. Along with this, he is currently one of the most popular musicians of the genre Pop in Estonia. In Germany he could not attain great popularity.


With his victory in 1999 at the talent show Kaks tactical ette he made ​​the jump to the attention of the public. In 2001 he won for Estonia with Dave Benton and 2XL the band first Estonian preliminary round and then the Euro Vision Song Contest. In 2003, the band Padar The Sun, with whom he was very popular. In the Estonian Music Award 2006 Tanel Padar The Sun won with 5 of 15 possible awards, including the prize for best album and the prize for the best band.

Private life

Tanel Padar played clarinet and saxophone as a child and sang in churches, children's and boys' choir. He also danced in a dance group. Tanel Padar was married from 2003 to 2007 with the former model Katarina Kalda.

His sister Gerli in Estonia is a successful singer, she joined in 2007 at the Euro Vision Song Contest for Estonia.