Tang Gonghong

Tang Gong Hong (Chinese唐 功 红/唐 功 红, Pinyin Táng Gōnghóng, born March 5, 1979 in Yantai ) is a Chinese weightlifter.


Tang Gonghong comes from Yantai in Shandong Province. She showed even as a youth a good predisposition to weight lifting and was inducted into the Sports School of Jiangsu Province and 1997 in the Sports School in Nanjing City in 1994. As early as 1997 she made ​​the jump to the Chinese national team of weightlifters. She landed her first major international success as a weightlifter in sports completely unknown nineteen year old in 1998 when she became World Champion in Lahti in the heavyweight division. A special performance achieved the 1.72 m wide and about 120 kg athlete at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, when, after they had managed only 122.5 kilograms in the snatch and thus to 7.5 kg behind the South Korean Jang was mi- Ran, in pushing managed 182.5 kg and the South Korean who had pushed 172.5 kg, yet overhauled. At the same time she made it with 305 kg world record in the duel, but was improved by Jang Mi- Ran to 318 kg in 2006.

International success / Mehrkampf

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, BW = body weight)

Medals individual disciplines

( in the Olympics no World Championship medals will be awarded more )

  • World Championship gold medal: 1998, pushing, 145 kg
  • World Championship silver medal: 2002, pushing, 160 kg
  • World Cup Bronze Medal: 1998, rupturing, 110 kg

World Records

( all achieved at heavyweight, over 75 kg body weight)