Tania Tsanaklidou

Tania Tsanaklidou (Greek Τάνια Τσανακλίδου, ​​born April 9, 1952 in Drama ) is a Greek singer and actress. She grew up in Thessaloniki, where they are already at the age of eight years at the theater for children by Marie Soidou stood on the stage. Later she studied acting and Archaeology in Thessaloniki.

At the age of 21, she moved to Athens, where she in a play for children, Mormolis of Xenia Kalogeropoulou, occurred. At night, she sang in a club with the composer and musician Giannis Markopoulos. In 1978 she represented Greece at the Euro Vision Song Contest and reached with her song Charlie Chaplin eighth. She played with in some theater and television productions and recorded many records, among others, with Michalis Delta. Together brought both the 2001 album To chroma tis cameras ( Το χρώμα της μέρας " The color of the day" ) to Universal Records out. On the album which in 2000 released single Mia agapi mikri ( Μια αγάπη μικρή " My little friend ") was also published again. In 2008 she played in the ancient tragic- philosophical comedy of Menander Samia the role of the courtesan Chrysis. Previously Tsanaklidou had made with her colleague Dimitra Galani, one in Greece also very famous singer, a winter tour through Greece. Also performing live with Vassilis Papakonstantinou.


  • Charlie Chaplin ( Τσάρλυ Τσάπλιν, 1978)
  • Ares mares koukounares ( Άρες μάρες κουκουνάρες, 1978)
  • Choris tavtotita ( Χωρίς ταυτότητα, 1980)
  • Piaf (1981 )
  • File ( Φίλε, 1982)
  • Metamorphosis ( Μεταμορφώσεις, 1984)
  • Tis vrochis ke tis nychtas ( Της βροχής και της νύχτας, 1985)
  • Ta tragoudia tou bar ( Τα τραγούδια του μπαρ, 1988)
  • 16 apo ta oreotera tragoudia mou (16 από τα ωραιότερα τραγούδια μου "Sixteen of my best songs ," 1988)
  • Mama gernao ( Μαμά γερνάω, 1988)
  • Alliotiki mera ( Αλλοιώτικη μέρα, 1990)
  • Nadir ( Ναδίρ, 1991)
  • I Tania Tsanaklidou Tragouda Gianni Spano ( Η Τάνια Τσανακλίδου τραγουδά Γιάννη Σπανό, 1992)
  • I megalyteres Epitychies tis ( Οι μεγαλύτερες επιτυχίες της, 1995)
  • Tragoudia tou paraxenou kosmou ( Τραγούδια του παράξενου κόσμου, 1995)
  • Live (1997)
  • To magiko kouti ( Το μαγικό κουτί, 1998)
  • Parathyra se chrono ragismeno 1980-1995 ( Παράθυρα σε χρόνο ραγισμένο 1980-1995, 1998)
  • Dimitra - Tania Zontanes ichografisis sto Zygo 2001-2002 ( Δήμητρα - Τάνια Ζωντανές ηχογραφήσεις στο Ζυγό 2001-2002, 2003)
  • Tania Tsanaklidou 2 chronia METRO ( Τάνια Τσανακλίδου 2 χρόνια ΜΕΤΡΟ, 2005)