Tansen (film)

  • Kundan Lal Saigal: Tansen
  • Khurshid: Tani
  • Mubarak: Akbar
  • Nagendra: Birbal
  • Kamla Chatterji: Shehzadi
  • Bhagwandas
  • Keshari

Tansen (Hindi: तानसेन Tansen ) is an Indian film history by Jayant Desai from the year 1943 biopic deals with the musician Tansen (around 1506-1589 ). .


Tansen is coming back after many years of musical training in his native village, where the young goatherd Tani is considered gifted singer. He criticized her understanding melody, but she shows him that for their purpose of singing the rhythm is key, with which it drives the cows from the pasture. Between the two over time develops a romance. When he beat an angry elephant rescues Tani, he tames with singing, the local Raja Ramchandra attention to him. Tansen can be an out occasionally for him to sing out of friendship.

At his court in Agra regrets the Mughal Emperor Akbar that under his " nine jewels" the seat of a master of music is unoccupied. It can search the whole countryside for a worthy experts. A posted worker of the Moguls surprised Tansen as he with his singing for the leafless trees planted Tani and brings to bloom. Tansen rejects his invitation to the Mughal court, since he wanted to sing only for Tani and his Raja. But the envoy tries Tansen the Raja against the release of his son herauszuhandeln. Tansen agrees to a transition to the court of Akbar and says goodbye to Tani.

The unaccompanied singing Tansens before Akbar brings the instruments of the imperial musicians of the blades alone. Akbar is enthralled in Tansen finally to have found " ninth jewel " to be, but the court musicians see as a threat to their position. In isolation Tansen composed his greatest tunes " Darbari ", " Miyanki Malhar " and " Miyanki Todi ". Tani feels forgotten in the town of Tansen.

It is Akbar's birthday, at the Tani comes to Agra to meet Tansen. This is his job on the farm now sorry. It can be rather than to appear on a romantic encounter with Tani in his chamber one at the birthday party of the Moguls. Although the court musician Tansen are voted begrudgingly, Akbar shows understanding for him and wants to use love for his benefit Tansens. With conviction and commandeth Tani slight forced to leave because of the Tansen music because of a broken heart can create incomparable music. She promises tears obedience.

Akbar asks the injured Tansen to sing, but refuses and would rather accept the death penalty as to sing. But his pain is killing him alone in the garden to the delight of secretly listening Akbar to sing. Only the request of Akbar, the difficult cozy sick princess Shehzadi the raga " Deepak " to sing, Tansen comes after, after some hesitation. The scheming court musician toes Khan had convinced her the magic of everything inflaming ragas. Tansen manages to bring candles for lighting. The heat caused by the " Deepak " note threatening him as a singer but after that, as intended by Khan to burn from the inside. As Akbar learns by Azam Khan of the court physician toes Khan's plan, he leaves him and the other court musician arrest. Since all water is not sufficient to cool Tansen, Akbar leaves on the advice of his court philosophers Birbal for a singer of the counter - Ragas " Megh Malhar " search, but in vain.

The dying Tansen wishes to travel to his friend Raja Ramchandra again. Along the way he snapped at a fountain and hits Tani. She sings the " Megh Malhar " and heals Tansen.


For the production of KL Saigal performer was borrowed from the film company New Theatres, where it was under contract. The film was made by the company " Jayant Desai Production" and was distributed by Ranjit Movitone. Dialogue authors were D. N. Madhok and Munshi Dil. Director Jayant Desai appears after the opening surrounded by cameras, instruments and microphone and declares that the film beyond the well-known myths about the musician Tansen is a love story between him and the shepherdess Tani.

Tansen was the second highest-grossing Indian film of the financial year 1943.

Film Music

The lyrics to the music of khemchand Prakash wrote DN Madhok and Pandit Indra. One of the 13 film songs, Madhoks Ho dukhiya jiyara red naina, was composed by Bulo C. Rani. The duet More Balpan Ke Sathi Chhaila Bhul Na Jaio is heard twice in the film. Kundan Lal Saigal The main characters and Khurshid are also singer of film songs.